We are a platform dedicated to bringing people with amazing projects and ideas together with those interested in being patrons for these projects and ideas by contributing to them. This is a platform that helps turn groundbreaking ideas into reality by choosing only the best campaigns that we receive and featuring all of them equally, making sure that each and every great project is seen.

Because we do not feature every campaign we receive, as a campaigner you know that if you are chosen it means we truly believe in your campaign. This means that we will make sure it receives feature time and is not lost in a pool of thousands of other campaigns. All of these things actually helping you to gain recognition and support.

Meanwhile, as a contributor you know that you can find high quality projects on our site without wasting time wading through thousands of campaigns.

We are not involved with charitable donations or personal causes. The campaigns and projects on our website are aimed at creation and/or development. This may be a new application, a written book or even a new car prototype or research institution. Basically, what we feature are projects or campaigns that aim to CREATE something of value or interest to society.


Are you a Contributor?

Simply check out our campaigns, when you find one that speaks to you, you may write privately to the campaign team for extra information or click on the ‘CONTRIBUTE’ button and contribute as much or as little as you want. You can then click on ‘REWARDS’ to receive great Thank You rewards, matching your contribution amount. These rewards may be anything from simple Thank You gifts to early releases of products and invitations to VIP events.


Do you have a Great Idea which needs funding to become a reality?

Follow the link below to our simple application where you can post your campaign summary, pictures, videos etc… We will then view your completed campaign and if we choose to post it, will contact you. If we feel that your campaign has potential but needs some ‘presentation work’ we may also contact you with advice on how to improve your campaign.


Though our concept is a crowdfunding concept, we saw flaws in the traditional crowdfunding models which inspired us to form a more selective and thus, what we feel is, a more helpful platform for both investors and campaigners.

  1. Traditional crowdfunding platforms post thousands of campaigns. Oftentimes incredible campaigns are lost in a mountain of barely plausible ones. For investors to find a great campaign, they must literally have the patience of someone who is willing to find a needle in a haystack.

    - We post only a limited number of campaigns we receive at one time. We also go through each campaign individually to make sure it is credible and well planned out. As an investor, this means that you know that everything you see was handpicked for quality.

  2. When a crowdfunding platform posts thousands of campaigns, a huge percentage of worthy projects are never found or seen by anyone.

    - Though we are not able to choose each good campaign we receive, we can guarantee that the campaigns that we do choose for our platform will all be promoted and featured on our front page.

  3. Many traditional crowdfunding websites use ‘algorithms’ to rate campaigns. Amongst other things, these algorithms calculate how many shares and likes a campaign gets. We felt these algorithms, rather than being helpful, are actually destructive, many times rewarding those who spend their campaign time obtaining meaningless ‘likes’ or literally forcing desperate campaigners to actually purchase shares and likes in order to try and improve their algorithm.

    - There is no algorithm on our website. We carefully read the campaign applications we receive and handpick each campaign that is placed on our platform. So, if we choose your campaign it means that we honestly believe that it is a high quality project and we will feature it and promote it to the best of our ability. We do not need to count up your likes to know that you are great. So you can spend your time improving your project and connecting with supporters on a deeper level, rather than raising your algorithm.